Client Case Study:

Will Baker

The Challenge: Will wanted a career change, but found the interview process to be a challenge – particularly since he sought a different role. He had years of IT experience, a history of leadership roles with large teams, but when faced with the interview process, his nerves belied his experience.

The solution: We identified what he loves about the work he’s seeking and built a narrative incorporating his work and life history that succinctly told a compelling story. We worked on his body language, speed of delivery, quality of eye contact, listening skills, and practiced the entire interview process from his entering the room to walking out the door. People want to hire people that they like and feel comfortable with. The more we worked, the more personable, self-assured and at ease Will became.

Result: He aced his interview and got the job he was after.

…the way I project myself totally changed and now (I) come off confident, thoughtful, and calm. I really want to thank Bill in helping me land a job I really wanted.
— Will Baker