Client Case Study:

Karen McGrane

Challenge: Karen McGrane is no stranger to speaking publicly – she speaks all over the world. She came to me because she wanted to be a GREAT speaker, not just a good one.

After watching some of her presentations on video, I could see that she was wicked smart, had years of valuable experience in technology, boasted a brilliant sense of humor, and had excellent slides. So what could make her great?

First, we reviewed her content and talked about ways to enrich her stories by including lots of descriptive details (everyone loves a good story). We talked about filler words and how they can dilute the power of a speech, and after hearing a recording from a prior talk, Karen worked diligently to get rid of her ums and ahs not just when we were working, but whenever she spoke to anyone. The next step was to work on breathing to assure that she had enough breath to sustain her through the end of each sentence. Then we worked on pacing to vary her delivery speed – making sure that she took her time when covering her main points, and gave time for audience reaction on her punch lines. As we continued our work and rehearsals, all of the elements we worked on collectively came together.

The result: Karen’s presentation was a career changer. She gave her most popular, in demand presentation to date, resulting in a new book (developed from her talk) that sold 5,000 copies in its first month, as well as a flood of invitations to speak at more prestigious organizations.

[Bill] gave me truly actionable advice, tips that really made a difference when I was on stage. And he was funny, charming, and put me at ease throughout the process (even when I was completely neurotic about having to rehearse my talks for him).
— Karen McGrane