Client Case Study:

Julia Pimsleur-Levine

The Challenge: Julia Pimsleur-Levine, CEO | Founder of Little Pim (the leading system for teaching young children a 2nd language) needed to improve her pitch to an audience of 100 investors for a major round of funding to grow her company.

The solution: Having taken my presentation skills workshop incorporating video feedback, Julia was aware of some specific things that she wanted to improve on before our first meeting. Her passion was undeniable, but as an energetic New Yorker, slowing down her delivery and letting her thoughts land were key first steps. We also looked at her content, examined what was crucial for this particular audience (return on investment) and pulled out anything non-essential (that’s what the appendix is for).

Julia anchored her message around her personal connection with language learning (her father developed the Pimsleur method), the developmental and cognitive benefits for children, and the explosive opportunities for growth in digital sales worldwide. We rehearsed it until she was passionate, confident, clear and concise.

The result:  Julia won 1M in funding (several VCs told her she was their favorite pitch)

Bill was instrumental in helping me to ace a pitch to 100 investors which lead to (close to) $1M in new financing for my company!
— Julia Pimsleur-Levine