Meet Bill Smartt

We live in the age of the pitch.  Across industries, professionals are now required to regularly present their ideas and products to both internal and external audiences.  In fact, nailing a presentation, according to the Harvard Business Review, ranked over ambition, education and the willingness to work hard as a key indicator of career success.    

Bill Smartt is known in New York and San Francisco as one of the most effective public speaking coaches practicing today.  He’s led presentation workshops at Spotify, Facebook, Foursquare, Time Warner, American Express, Credit Suisse, and a host of Fortune 500 companies.  He regularly provides customized individual coaching to business leaders in the fields of finance, advertising and technology. And he is active in the U.S. startup scene as a regular instructor at General Assembly, Brooklyn Brainery and other entrepreneurial campuses around the country. 


Bill’s clients and students learn to make authentic connections with their audiences.  Drawing from over 20 years of experience as a teacher, performer and demo judge, Bill offers practical, stage-tested skills and tricks that help speakers ease their nerves, immediately win over audiences, and use storytelling techniques to deliver clear, compelling content.  No one who spends time with Bill ever approaches a podium quite the same way.  They are calmer, more authentic, and most of all, prepared to be of service to their audience.  

As Bill says,

“The way you present yourself has everything to do with your ability to motivate other people, which will lead your advancements in your own career.”